The Heveskes organ
   An overview of the composers who reacted to publications about the Heveskes/helium organ or
   who were otherwise involved . Of composers marked with -.- there is more information or music
   available on this website. A subsidy request by the foundation Heveskes organ to the
   Endowment for the Creative Arts Organisation ("Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst") was in
   2003 rewarded with two composition assignments for Sander Germanus and Harry de Wit.
   In 2005 Bert Klok was given honour retrospectively by this fund for his anonymous application
   concerning his completed organ compositions.
   Hans-Joachim Hespos, Shigeru Kan-no and Takashi Ono wrote in a personal aptitude pieces
   for the organ.
  Eve Beglarian Joseph Bertolozzi Stephen Black
  Constance Cooper Hugh Davies Emma Lou Diemer
  Mike Edgerton Sander Germanus Burt Goldstein
  Sorrel Doris Hays Hans-Joachim Hespos Klaas Hoek
  Shigeru Kan-no Stefan Klaverdal Bert Klok  -.-
  Vadim Larchikov Elyzabeth Meade Takashi Ono
  Filippo Perocco Leonardo Polato Jeremy Sawruk
  Patricio da Silva David Snow Frans Vuursteen
  Harry de Wit Amnon Wolman  
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