The Heveskes organ

   In 2003 the foundation Heveskes organ was founded to promote the Heveskes organ and the
   Helium organ. The origin of this pipe organ with Midi interface lies with artist Peter van Haagen who
   wants to breathe new life into the pipe organ which development stagnated for 200 years.
   The tecnical development lies with Arnold Reineking. It is possible to play the organ by the internet
   and with any midi-instrument or composition-programme.
   At this moment  the foundation is searching for a permanent accommodation where can be worked
   at the further advancement of the organ.
   There are also plans for the building of a new "round organ" that can be transported easily and that
   has the possibilities for the making of optimized sound recordings. Meanwhile the composer and
   classical guitarist Bert Klok wrote 46 modern compositions for the organ, 16 of which were honoured
   by the Endowment for the Creative Arts Organisation ("Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst").
   Earlier Sander Germanus and Harry de Wit wrote for the Heveskes/helium organ under the
   provisions of this Fund. Hans-Joachim Hespos, Shigeru Kan-no and Takashi Ono composed in a
   personal aptitude for the organ.
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                                           the Netherlands
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roundorgan 1   
The designs for a new "round organ".
   Top-, front- and side-views.

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