The Heveskes organ
heliumorogan detail organ
   The beginning of the helium / heveskes organ 20-02-2002  (the organ was donated by
   organ builder Winold van der Putten).
organ alteration 1 organ alteration 2

the alteration of the container
   A 40-feet container being fixed up as the mobile house for the organ,
   including a large loud-speaker horn and service unit.
   The first presentation of the Heveskes organ was during "Delfsail"
   (a tall sailing ships event in Delfzijl in July 2003) .
the organ and the horn
 The organ and the loud-speaker horn for a better reproduction of the low tones.
performance of Bert and Jeroen groupperformance
   Performances by the musicians Jeroen Jongejan, Bert Klok, Harry de Wit and the dancers,
   the sisters Scheffers.
groupperformance 2 at night

 For a performance during the national Heritage and Monuments Day, 10 september 2005,
 the organ moved to the church of Heveskes. One could listen to the organ compositions of Bert Klok
 and there was joint play with Karsten Gloger (flute and theremin), Jeroen Jongejan (synthesizer), and
 Mike Dikkers (bagpipes). There was also an exposition of lighting objects and a tall sculpture
  ("Scout"). Thijs Gloger made a short film of the event.
presentation in Heveskes
Bert behind the computer Jeroen and Karsten
  Bert Klok behind the computer, Karsten Gloger with theremin and Jeroen Jongejan with synthesizer.

On the first of July, 2006, the Heveskes organ was transferred from Weiwerd to the hall of the restaurant of the Fraeylemaborg in Slochteren.
At this beautiful location a three months long project shall be organized around the Heveskes organ.
The organ will be extended with an additional piping system, donated by organ builders Van der Putten and firm MenseRuiter b.v.
Composer and musician mr. Bert Klok will continue to work on his Heveskes organ compositions.
New compositions, try-outs and concerts will be made possible by working together with other interested musicians.
During the project, audio- and photo/video recordings will be made.
the organ transferred
the organ on the trailer
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